Thursday, 19 January 2017

F is for...Franchise Focus!

Sometimes it seems as if serendipity arranges things to fall magically into place. February just happens to be 'F is for...' feature in Beatons Bulletin - our monthly newsletter distributed across all our tearooms for customers' delight. It's also the month when you'll find us at The Franchise Show at London's Excel!  So 'F is perfect for Franchise Focus'. 

You're welcome to come along and find us at Stand 104Do share this invitation with any friends who are interested in franchising. Entry's free - and the show is on Friday and Saturday 17th/18th February Here's 
a direct link.

You may be unaware that the gracious hospitality, restorative experience and generous value that you experience as a customer are also embedded - in different ways - in how our franchisees are cared for.

Here's a taste:

Ensuring a confident start!
Months before a franchise opens, the 'Beatons Central' team visit the location and delve into the library's reference section, trawl through community websites and do that old fashioned thing (we love) called talking to the locals. All to determine precisely the engagement and creative mix for successful launch events - and the all important ongoing marketing strategy. 

Oh, and Britain's Tea Poet goes incognito to conjure up a poem postcard so the franchisee has something unique and inspiring to share from the outset. And with a start-up manager working alongside the franchisee in the first month, the franchisee can enjoy feeling a proud local business owner from day one.

Behind the scenes on keyboards and screens!
Sweating the small stuff - like financial processing - can be fiddly and time consuming. For new and established tearooms alike the Central team are all geared up and happy to take care of this, freeing the franchisees' time.

Weekly support and a lot of thought...
Unlike some franchises, ongoing undivided attention and encouragement through one to one  weekly meetings and regular visits is part of providing generous value.

And of course, our customers know, all kinds of events, promotions and new additions to the menu mean there's always something new to come in for, apart from your favourites!

Landed here because you're curious about becoming one of our franchisees? There's much more to it than that!   Meet us at The Franchise Show or click here to learn a bit more...

Friday, 6 January 2017

Beatons ‘Bod’ for January

Beatons ‘Bod’ for January

Each month we introduce you to a mem- ber of the Beatons team or one of our core contributors or suppliers. They give you a little insight as to what gives them their sparkle and what they enjoy about being an essential part of the Beatons Tearooms group.

Beatons Bod: Liz Darcy Jones

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
I'm Liz, currently Beatons only Non Executive Director, or 'NED' and principal of Darcy Jones & Associates who provide voice coaching, impeccable copy and strategic consulting to sole traders and small businesses. I'm also one of the world's Tea Poets, and write the po- em of the month for the Bulletin and some of Beatons other 'light verse'.

What's you’re favorite drink or edible from our menu? 
Absolutely easy. The Gluten Free Afternoon High Tea, called The Ascot Tea. Now that's a festive present for any Gluten Free person because it's not easy to come by elsewhere - the scones are DIVINE.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
At the moment it's got to be the book, Beaton At Home - I've recommended it to friends in the theatre business but it's the kind of book you'd want to have on your coffee table to inspire you - the photography and very readable prose (with charming little quotes) is amazing.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
My particular interest is in helping businesses find their 'true con- tent' or underlying identity and seeing it expressed in the brand. So it has to be 'elegance'. And it always reminds me of my own quality of 'being gracious' when I walk into a Beatons too!

If you were an animal, what would you be? 

I think everyone on the team will be unsur- prised when I say a horse. My neighbour at my writer's retreat is one - Hurricane - who
you can see here! He loves to dance, is power- ful and has such a sense of freedom.

What do you like most about the most im- portant person (or pet) in your life?
That could be answered above in terms of
animal - but since I got engaged in October it
has to be Chris Barltrop, my darling fiancé. I most love his attentive- ness - like ensuring I have an apple waiting for my breakfast and lots of other tiny things that make me smile...

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?
Oh - personally, having one home where Chris and I can welcome family so I'm not living in three places at once, and for Beatons - apart from at least 2 new franchises next year - seeing a little new idea form into a lovely new franchise offering (but I'm told mum's the word until it happens!) The launch of my first joint event with Beatons - our 3C Breakfasts 'Clarity, Croissants and Connection! on the 26th Jan at Blandford!

Engager of the Month January

Engager of the Month
We reward customers and local businesses who en- gage live with us - both online and offline - by giving them shout-outs in Beatons Bulletin, on our blog and of course on twitter which is our preferred channel for online engagement... They also enjoy a free Cream Tea for Two as well! Want to join in?
Follow and engage with us @beatonstearooms or find us on Facebook; We’re Beatons Tearooms. Maybe you'll find yourself reading this whilst indulg- ing in crumbly scones with lashings of clotted cream and jam!
Congratulations to DCMTyres
Dcm Tyres (Wessex) Ltd is a family owned and run business, based in Blandford Forum, Dorset & Shaftesbury.
The business plan is simple; high quality service, with low prices in all tyre brands.
You can find this business on:
Twitter: @DCMTyres

Website: Facebook: Dcm Tyres (Wessex) Limited

The Champange of Teas...

Tea of the Month
Our tea of the month is always a little easier on your purse and usually has great health benefits. 
Can we tempt you to try something a bit different today?
What is it? 
If you enjoy a cup of tea, you may be familiar with a type called Darjeeling that comes from India. Sometimes called the champagne of teas, Darjeeling is a black tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and has a light, delicate flavour and aroma when brewed.

Like all black teas, Darjeeling tea leaves are rolled and then oxidized, or fermented, before being ready to use. The leaves are rich in many different bioactive compounds, including several that may have significant health benefits.

Some suggested perks to drinking this tea are the Antioxidant Components that are said to neutralize unstable and potentially harmful chemicals in our bodies, this tea is also said to help the Cardiovascular system, and may even increase the density in our Bones!

At any rate, we certainly think this is the perfect cuppa to accompany an Afternoon High Tea!

Because great service matters!

Blandford Tearooms has been the first Beatons to receive an intensive course in service over the last couple of months. It is designed to refine the skills the Front of House Team have already acquired.

We believe that great service matters almost as much as great food.

Our MD, Patrick, feels that waiting staff are often the unsung stars of the catering world, when their brilliance can transform an ordinary meal into an unforgettable experience.

Good service involves discipline, care for others and self confidence. As the faces that the customers see, the team at Blandford have learned the importance of being attentive, elegant and showing passion for their work.
To close the training program the team hosted a Full Afternoon High Tea Service.

It showcased our delicious December Festive High Tea, but more importantly demonstrated the skills that have been honed over the last few weeks.

The team have already been on the receiving end of some great comments since investing there time in this intensive training:

‘The most enjoyable things out here is the excellent service from the waiter and waitress, very, very polite and attentive,
They both repeatedly offered service to the customers, such a dedicated team!’
“Excellent Staff” ‘I came for my hen do with a group of 15 for high tea at Beatons and the staff were wonderfully patient and helpful, the food was lovely, we all had a great time and even though we ended up staying 30 minutes after closing time we never felt rushed out or harried.’

Well done everyone at Blandford Tearooms, may 2017 be the year of great service enjoyed by all!

E is for...the Elegance at Beatons

E is for...the Elegance at Beatons

" What is elegance? Soap and water! "
- Sir Cecil Beaton

Sir Cecil Beaton made his mark as a portrait photog- rapher for the most beautiful celebrities, such as Audrey Hepburn, and socialites of his day. As a costume designer he not only knew beautiful women, he himself became a member of the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame. And while it may take a bit more than soap and water, it's true the women who manage to maintain consistently well manicured hands and feet, glowing hydrated skin and shiny, silky hair are extremely elegant.
Inspired by the elegance and style that was extravagant during the 20's, we pride ourselves in our stylish, elegant surroundings and always aspire to deliver charming service.
But how do we deliver elegance?

Well, our beautifully bespoke Vileroy and Boch china and the rolled fluffy hand towels in the bathrooms help! And all our staff are trained to provide a welcoming, dignified service and their appearance to be neat and well presented...using plenty of soap and water of course!

Some of the elements which we recognise help to create a sense of 'elegance' is by being self-confident ourselves so all our attention can be on you, the customer; also taking care of little extra needs you might have so your experience is smooth; and even when we're having an 'off day' to try and put that behind us so that you, the customer feel special.

This is a time of year when the busyness of Christmas can try and steal our natural 'elegance'. Taking a little time to ensure you feel elegant by allowing yourself time to rest and may be relax in a bubble bath, will pay high returns to your family and friends so you're able to add a splash of Cecil Beaton elegance to your festive season.

As the Beatons brand continues to grow we are seek- ing new franchisees both in the UK and overseas… We are seeking hard-working, dedicated and capable people to become Beatons franchisees with the sparkle and passion that comes with turning a dream of owning a tearoom into a reality.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Beatons Tearoom Franchise opportunity please contact us and request a "Franchise Application Form".