Wednesday, 9 November 2016

3 Benefits of Being a Beatons Franchisee

Apart from the possibility of making your dream of owning a tearooms a reality, the biggest benefit isn't something we can put into words. It's the feeling of pride which comes from walking into your Beatons and seeing what you've created... watch the video and see what that might be like!

These other three benefits may help you in judging whether you being a Beatons franchise might be right for you:

  • Affordable Option - deliberately low initial franchisee fee  Compared to other franchises in the hospitality and food sector - and indeed the cost of setting up your own tearoom from scratch - Beatons is an affordable option with a manageable initial franchise licence fee.

  • Security - support at every stage  We take great care in ensuring you're right for us and we're right for you, so our selection process gives us both plenty of time to ensure you feel comfortable and clear before deciding to go ahead.

    And right from the outset - from finding the perfect location to full training, working with you to organise your grand launch party and as you grow - our experienced team guides and supports. We know what works - and how to get everyone talking about the best new tearooms in town!
  • Expertise and a Sense of Belonging  By becoming part of the Beatons group you have all the back up of proven systems, brand strength, and both marketing and operational expertise with the pride of knowing your Beatons is part of a group founded on sound values and delivering 'gracious hospitality' to your local community.

If this has aroused your curiosity, why not take the next step and request a Franchise Prospectus? Call our MD, Patrick Duffy on 01747 871819 or fill in our Franchise Enquiry form, link here.  

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Engager of the Month:October Julie Cohen

Engager of the Month 

Julie Cohen

We reward customers and local businesses who engage live with us - both online and offline - by giving them shout-outs in Beatons Bulletin, on our blog and of course on twitter which is our preferred channel for online engagement... They also enjoy a free Cream Tea for Two as well!

Want to join in? Follow and engage with us @beatonstearooms or find us on Facebook: we’re Beatons Tearooms. Maybe you'll find yourself reading this whilst indulging in crumbly scones with lashings of cream and jam!

Congratulations to Berkshire based Julie Cohen, brilliant author of novel 'Falling' which we reviewed last month and who is also a patron of local literacy charity ABC to Read. It helps children in Berkshire primary schools learn to read.   Enjoy your Cream Tea for Two on us @Julie_cohen

You can find Julie on:  
Twitter: @julie_cohen    
Facebook:  Julie Cohen

Author of the Month David Szalay: All that Man is.

Author of the Month

David Szalay: All that Man is.

Split in to nine stories about nine men. Each of them in very different circumstances from very different backgrounds, but all with the same basic needs.
Each of them striving to understand just what it means to be alive, to make correct choices, to make the best of what they have.

We are given an insight in to the innermost feelings of these men, from as young as 17 right up to 73 years age, baring all that man is, all that he feels and all that he longs for.
Brutally honest regarding men's weaknesses and desires, this book is powerfully written and certainly makes you think about what really matters in life.
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for this year, you will find this book amongst our carefully curated book selection.

Tea of the Month: Holistic Herbal Harmony

Tea of the Month

Our tea of the month is always
a little easier on your purse and
usually has great health benefits.
Can we  tempt you to try
something a bit different today?

What is it?

Herbal harmony
This is a caffeine free, cleansing, herbal infusion with the innumerable health benefits of nettle which include reducing hypertension, inflammation and alleviating asthma symptoms.  Liquorice is good for bronchial disorders. As for cardamom? It's used as a breath freshener in India and is known to be great for 'the system'!
A trio of herbs this month fill our kettle
Liquorice for chests and that panacea, nettle
Cardamom too - astringent and clean
A harmonious blend - see what we mean?!

What to have it with?
The sweetness of the liquorice and cardamom, balanced with the astringency of the nettle makes this a perfect match for our home-made cakes. Try it out with our signature carrot cake - which if you haven't tried before - is an absolute must! It's a great digestive after enjoying a light lunch too.

Latest Events in our Tearooms

Deepest Dorset Book Success in Blandford!
On Sunday the 9th October we were delighted to be able to host the book launch of locally written book Deepest Dorset. 

Fully funded by a charitable foundation, the book is being sold to raise funds for Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Weldmar Hospicecare Trust, Dorset Community Foundation and the RNLI .

This event was a huge success,  so popular in fact that we were turning people away at the door on the evening, tickets had sold out and we physically didn't have the space! Sincere apologies if this happened to you.

Chester’s Musical Evening
On 30th Sept, a delicious three course meal was enjoyed while Dr. Susan Weir played music from Vilvaldi,  The Four Seasons.

Such a hugely popular evening for the Tearooms in Chester, that they have now organised another Musical evening for the 14th of December, which has sold out already! So tickets are now on sale for the 18th of December for the same, make sure you get in quickly!

These are just a few of the comments from our lovely customers on the evening:
‘A lovely evening, good food, lovely company.’
‘A great evening that exceeds expectations. Please establish a regular programme.’
‘A novel idea, splendidly delivered. A cultural and culinary feast.’
‘I think this venue is fantastic. We enjoyed this evening so much
Really enjoyable. More please!’

Beatons Bod for November: Alex our Christmas loving Cat from Blandford

Beatons ‘Bod’ for November
Each month we introduce you to a member of the Beatons team or one of our core contributors or suppliers. They give you a little insight as to what gives them their sparkle and what they enjoy about being an essential part of the Beatons Tearooms group.
Beatons Bod:  Alex

What's your role and what do you like best about your job?
My name's Alex and I am a waitress at Beatons in Blandford. I find the most enjoyable aspect of working here is getting to know customers and being friendly and chatty with the regulars. I think this is the best aspect of my job because I am able to learn so much about the local area from born and bred people!

What's you’re favorite drink or edible from our menu?
My classic drink is either the Authentic Chai or a gingerbread soy latte. Very Christmassy! My favourite edible is a teacake with the tart blackcurrant jam., a perfect match.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
I love all the art books we have in recently like the Drawing is Magic book or how to be a wallflower. Not only are they pretty books to visually enjoy but also inspire adults and children to get arty and crafty!

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
I think the most important aspect of Beatons is the goal to make each individual customer feel special before they leave. Also the fact that all the food and drinks are made to a very high standard and each staff members works their hardest to impress and delight our customers.

If you were an animal, bird or creeping creature what would you be and why?
I would love to be a house cat, so I can be Queen of the House. (haha!)

What - outside work - makes your skin tingle? It could be a dream, activity (printable!) or piece of music!
I am a big fan of yoga and longboarding at the beach. Rain or shine, however I especially love it when it's stormy.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?
Although not technically an event I am most excited for Christmas at Beatons' with festive music, decorations and Festive themed Afternoon High Teas to bring everyone together in the Yuletide season!