Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New Term! What New Projects to Drink To?

Afternoon High Tea ~ with free glass of Prosecco
£14 per person, £25 for two
There's still time to enjoy a free glass of sparkle at either Blandford or Tisbury when you BOOK and take afternoon high tea during September.

This is the perfect time to toast new projects or progress made so far this year... September often represents the finishing off of something and the start of something new. Children going off to school for the first - or perhaps the last - time!

A few more windows you didn't have in the summer open up...

Or perhaps your new project is looking after the grandchildren?!

Whichever, we're celebrating September with our new food menu - future post to follow on the new addition for hungry men (or ladies if they wish!) - which also includes:

Cream Tea for two at only £6.25!

Can't think why we haven't had a Cream Tea on the menu before now! Of course, we'd love you to enjoy a leisurely full blown afternoon high tea as an indulgent treat. However,by adding a Cream Tea option to the menu we're guessing it gives you permission to have Cream Tea any day of the week for no reason at all...

To book Afternoon High Tea call:  Blandford 01258 269515   Tisbury  01747 871 819

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why Use Rhythm & Rhyme?

David Bamber reading his
winning poem Blandford  launch 2014
Well, you can see how effective it is if you think back to all the advertisements you really love!  Our #rhymesnocrime week just increased our followers three times more than a usual week, with more retweets too!  We also think - from the number of tweets that were favourited that they added some sparkle.


'A Mars a day helps you work rest and play...'
And how about Classic FM's use of it?

The psychology is really simple - we associate  rhyme with being children and that means PLAY.  We like play... it adds sparkle.

Beatons uses rhyme, rhythm and poetry - what I call #poetea if it's about tea - to create #sparkle, one of our core distinctive 'Beatons' ways'.  Pop in and pick up a free poem postcard and share it with your mum, your children or just read it out loud and see if it doesn't bring a smile to faces. You can't find that on facebook!

Our #rhymesnocrime week meant anyone popping in to Beatons Blandford or Tisbury got three extra stamps on their loyaltea card for reciting some rhyming verse. The offer ended Sunday 13th September - we know not many people were brave but well done to those who dared, or even just recalled some verse when they read our tweets!

Want some ready-made verse - check out tweets from @BeatonsDorset, @beatonstearooms and @beingtribeless

Go on... you'll be surprised what a sparkling and restorative experience it can be! 

Posted by Liz

Tea of the Month: Lemongrass and Mint

Lemongrass tea is good for your weight
It's healing and research is showing it's great
For curing cancer - hip hip hooray!
What's more it's rich in Vitamin A...
And to give it a kick
It's blended with mint
Which gives a pale green to its lemony tint...

© Liz Darcy Jones

Pop in and try some this week...

Posted by Liz

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beatons Bod: Jodie - Curious and Creative Meerkat!

Who are you and - if you're part of the team - do you like/do you think you'll like best about your job?
I am a passionate documentary photographer and my role as 'house photographer' at Beatons is a fantastic opportunity to explore the elegant world of black & white photography.

What's your favourite edible or drinkable from our menu?
Oh my! That’s a hard one. I had the pleasure of shooting the campaigns for Beatons and sampled the stunning menu. The carrot cake gets me every time. Exquisite.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
I was actually blow away by the diversity of the books at Beatons. There is a selection of fantastic arts and lifestyle publications, but also Beatons welcome independent writers and local talent.  It’s a very relaxing place to take in literature and beautiful image books. A favourite is Cecil Beaton’s Portraits and Profiles.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
Beatons celebrate the importance of gracious hospitality and ensure that the customers really feel special. It's that caring and generous approach that makes dining at Beaton’s such an amazing experience.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I would probably be a Meerkat. I am an incredibly curious individual!

What do you like most about the most important person (or pet) in your life?
My children are amazing people. They are big thinkers and I have encouraged them to explore the world around them. I often travel abroad with my daughter to shoot. This year we shot the Bronx in NYC. It was incredible.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?
I’m really looking forward to celebrating the Beatons values through imagery. It's an exciting opportunity to story-tell. I feel honoured.

It's in Black and White - we've Appointed a House Photographer!

It's now in black, white [and pink]! As well as being about to add another franchise to our porfolio, we're promoting members of our local Dorset and Wiltshire teams into management positions. And reinforcing our encouragement of the arts we're creating a new 'residency'.

Dorset photographer Jodie Whyte from Weymouth has been appointed 'House Photographer'! This both honours those taking up the role, and society photographer Cecil Beaton. Beaton, as you probably know, is the inspiration behind our name and elegant interiors.

Patrick Duffy, our Founder and MD, first met Jodie just before the launch of Beatons Blandford [just before I joined the team]. Both he and Liz were impressed by her natural flair and ability to capture 'character, mood and food'. 

During the course of her working with us on our latest promotions campaign, the idea of having a 'Beatons 'House Photographer' was conceived. It's a natural progression for us as a group. As some of you know, we've enjoyed having Liz Darcy Jones as our House Poet for the last year. Although Liz will carry on being commissioned to write a poem for every new Beatons which opens, she'll stand down from this role, making way for one which is probably a more obvious fit given the references to Cecil Beaton in our styling.

Part of the role will be adjudicating an Annual Beatons Black and White Photography Competition. More about that later in the year. Jodie who has a particular love of street photography (something Cecil Beaton is not always remembered for). She's also a film-maker and mentors local young people, encouraging them to connect with community through photography. She commented,
'Wow! It's such an honour. I love the Beatons brand and values. And highlighting its connection to Cecil Beaton, who loved portraiture and conveying the character that lives under the image, by having a House Photographer is brilliant! I'm really delighted. Good thing I love cake, too!'
Congratulations Jodie and we look forward to showcasing and supporting you and your projects.

You can follow Jodie Whyte on twitter on @JodieWhyteMedia

Posted by Zoe

Praise! Beatons Tisbury: A Bumper Summer

"There is nothing like a good cup of tea in a china cup, thank you."

"Please keep the place exactly how it is and the idiosyncratic bookshelf as I always buy a book too!"

"I had the carrot cake, it was the best I had ever tasted!"

"I teach a hospitality course and this is a prime example of excellence."

"Lovely place."

"Will be back"

"Lovely tearoom- great peppermint tea and the very best waitress, so kind, warm and friendly."

"I came in with my wife specially, I came to visit last Sunday and had to bring her this Sunday."

"Carrot cake is good, we are regulars."

"100% favourite coffee shop."

"Great food, great coffee, will be back."

"Perfect teacake."

"A lovely Chai Latte with beautiful, friendly service. Thank you."

"Very welcoming."

"Excellent service."

From our loyal tweeps!

Such amazingly moist carrot cake @beatonstearooms! The best I have tasted!
— sciencetutors (@sciencetutorsuk) August 25, 2015

Praise! Beatons Blandford: A Bumper Summer

"Beatons is my new favourite place to come for tea in town, thank you!"

"Lovely to have an old fashioned service in this day and age of self service. this is a place where you can relax."

Excellent, we have stopped several times and have found it consistently excellent."

"Lovely service and food today! You never disappoint and bring calm to the middle of my busy day. Thank You."

"Just a lovely place to eat, drink and chat."

"A breath of fresh air to find such a lovely tearoom on my doorstep!"
"Fab Place!"

"Its good to have such a refined place in Blandford."

"Perfectly relaxing environment to enjoy a spot of breakfast."

"Good service, thank you."

"Been several times, food and coffee fab!"

"Good value, friendly service."

"Polite, kind, tea is lovely and the shortbread is tasty. Crockery is very pretty."

"Thanks, good to have a booster seat for the children."

"We enjoyed our first visit, and will come back agin. Love the decor and ambience!"

"Marvellously thought out and delivered."

"Clean and helpful on our first visit."

"Restful place for coffe."