Friday, 18 December 2015

Communitea Causes... Marie Curie chosen by Beatons Chester

Beatons Chester have decided to give support this year to the Marie Curie 
Marie Curie are well known for their care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and also the all important support for the families that are providing care for their loved ones, at this difficult time. 

The Marie Curie Charity have been carrying out work for over 65 years. Last year alone 
they provided care for over 40,000 people across the UK.

They offer free one-to-one nursing care and support usually overnight in your home, or during the day and evenings to allow some respite for the carers within the family. In times of crisis they will provide their services at very short notice. Indeed, a member of our family have been on the receiving end of their wonderful work.

To find out more about this amazing Charity visit their website here

We're sure that along with us you'll want to be able to support Marie Curie's amazing work over the next year. Look out for events happening at Beatons Chester. We know you will want to give some time and help to give a little (or a lot) in support! 

Remember every Chai Latte or Charlton Soda bought by you will result in donating 50p to Marie Curie altogether, this will soon add up over the year!

Franchisee, Beatons Chester

Christmas Beau-tea-ful treats at Beatons

Christmas is upon us...

Come in, relax and escape from this busy time of year and indulge in some of our treats...

If you're craving is for chocolate you will love our gorgeously indulgent Yule log...

Or perhaps our more traditional delicious Mince Pies, warmed with cream for an extra treat.

And perfectly accompanied by our beautiful Christmas Mulled spiced Tea of the Month.

We look forward to being able to spoil you and your senses so you can leave feeling restored, refreshed and ready for action!

Beatons Central (HQ)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Beatons Crowthorne want to help Alexander Devine build a Berkshire Children's Hospice

As a family man with three young children, it wasn't difficult for me to choose Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service as Beatons Crowthorne 'Communitea Cause' for our first year. 

The charity was set up by Fiona and John Devine, from Windsor, after their extraordinary little boy aged 8, passed away early in 2006 from a rare brain tumour. It's hard to imagine how parents cope with such a situation.  This couple did their own extraordinary thing, they set up a charity and service to support children aged 0-19 with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in their own homes across Berkshire and the bordering areas of surrounding counties, while maintaining the vision of building a children's hospice in Berkshire.

The charity is currently providing direct care for more than 50 local children in their own homes. They look like a very special team to us.

Founded in 2007, Alexander Devine is now 'only' £1 millon away from raising the £5 million required to meet its capital campaign which will see Berkshire having its own physical children's hospice. 

Building work on the six acre site near Maidenhead, which was donated by benefactor, started in September.

We're really pleased to help Alexander Devine reach its target however we can, and are delighted our Open House Launch Event on Saturday 30th January will support them, as well 50p from sales of each of our two 'communitea cause' drinks throughout the year as soon as we're open. To read more about why we've decided to create this initiative, just click here.

Right now, there's an amazing campaign going on using facebook and twitter called #HugsForHolly @1mhugsforholly and you can donate and read about it here

If you'd like to learn more about Alexander Devine's work just click here

Franchisee, Beatons Crowthorne

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Charlton and a Chai Solve a Charity Dilemma!

Ringing the bells for a special
local cause!
Here at Beatons we receive numerous requests from local charities to help them with their campaigns. We help as much as our budget can allow - often with vouchers for auction or raffle prizes. But which charities to choose? In the past we've often been caught on the spot with little time to consider what the charity is, what kind of support we can give, and how that support is aligned to our own ethos and values. 

We've come up with a solution which we've adopted from some rather larger enterprises. But it fits with our commitment to, 'involve ourselves with local community life and serve delicious food and drinks to keep tastebuds tingling...' 

So, across the group, each tearooms will choose a local charity or 'Communitea Cause' to support for the forthcoming year, starting December. It means we can be transparent, give more and focus on who we want to give to - doing so in our own unique elegant 'Beatons' way'. That means if you're a local charity, you'll need to let our local Beatons' tearooms know why they should make you their 'Communitea Cause' for 2017 by 1st September 2016. 

Communitea Chai Latte and CommuniteaCharlton Soda

We also know our customers are generous too - so our 'Community Cause' initiative means we'll both have the opportunity to give to one special local charity each year...

How will we raise funds? Well, we'll be look to support through charity events, but also every day! We've created two new 'Communitea Cause' beverages. One's hot, one's cold and we'll donate 25p and the customer will donate 25p (total 50p) to the 'Communitea Cause'  from each order.

Those 50 pences will surely add up over the space of a year! 

Why not make a commitment to have one of these drinks once a week - and you'll help us adding £26.00 to a local cause! 

So what should you order? 

Communitea Chai Latte  A warming treat, it's Indian spiced blend of slightly frothed milk, tea, cinnamon and ginger.
Communitea Charlton Soda   Sweet strawberry, balanced with lemon, a perfectly refreshing combination! This is a real stunner created by one of our team.

Now of course you're itching to know which local charities we've chosen!  You can find out Blandford Beatons' choice here, Tisbury's choice here, Crowthorne's choice here, and Chester's choice  here...

We'd love you to help us to support our local charities and thank you in advance!

Managing Director & Founder of  the Beatons Tearooms Group

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beatons Bod: Paul, our Musical Cat from Crowthorne!

A snapshot on the first
day of getting the keys!
Who are you and - if you're part of the team - do you like/do you think you'll like best about your job? 
I'm Paul Mitchell - the newest franchisee - and I am greatly looking forward to welcoming people to the best tearoom in Berkshire! [in Crowthorne, opening January, ed.]

What's your favourite edible or drinkable from our menu? 
I tend to pick from whatever the specials are on a particular day. Recently I’ve enjoyed the home made lasagne and chilli.  Drinks wise, I’m a big fan of the variety of teas we serve so I’ve tried to try different ones each time I’ve been. My last visit had me taste the chocolate mint tea, although I’m not sure of its exact name [Ah, that would have been be our chocolate and mint rooibos, ed.]

And how about your favourite book from our shelves? 
My favourite book from the shelves will change all the time I’m sure.  I’m looking forward to stocking books on the local area mostly, although I am a fan of biographies so I shall be looking forward to browsing a copy of Cecil Beaton's biography which I know we'll have in stock!

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?  
Providing gracious hospitality is my particular forte, as I believe that having a customer leave delighted is a sure way to get them to return.  We can buy a hot drink in any number of places so it's the experience they take away - Beatons know how to make it restorative.

If you were an animal, what would you be? 
A cat. It’s a sure fire way to be spoilt rotten by the right owner. The idea of having nine lives also holds a certain allure.

What do you like most about the most important person (or pet) in your life? 
What I appreciate most about my wife is that she's so creative, loving and loyal. I'm less creative!

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans? 

I'm looking forward to hosting events of local interest, such as poetry readings, book launches and hopefully some music!

Tea of the month: Winter Mulled Spice

It's that time of year, December has arrived!

Cinnamon and cloves blend beautifully with this high grown Ceylon tea to provide a truly warming cup bursting with mulled spices and natural fruity notes.

This is a busy time of year, but make sure you don't miss out on this beautiful tea, which we are confident you will love. Make the most of being able to try it at our lower price as it is tea of the month throughout December!

Black tea and the scent of the clove,
Warming and tempting by the stove,
Enjoy this lovely mulled spiced tea,
And you'll feel all Christmassy!

Cloves, Jasmine Petals, Sri Lanka / Vietnam Mulled Spices and wonderful aroma provide a warm, traditional taste!

Beatons Central

Monday, 30 November 2015

Tisbury adopts Charlie's Angels as their Communitea Cause!

Here at Beatons Tisbury we're delighted to introduce to 'Communitea Cause' for 2015/6 - the local Charity Charlie's Angels.

We'll be supporting Charlie's Angels for the next year and encourage all of our lovely customers to join us in supporting them when they order either of our two Communitea Cause drinks: Communitea Cause Chai Latte and Charlton Soda. You can read more about why we've set up this initiative here.

The charity was set up by the Burns family in memory of their son, ten year old Charlie Burns who died suddenly at night - a victim of  SUDEP (Sudden Unexpeted Death in Epilepsy).  Charlies Angels are currently supporting SUDEP Action, a smaller charities which does great work but isn't so well known nationally. Charlies Angels have initiated all kinds of wonderful charitable events.

We've already donated Afternoon High Tea for Two as an auction prize for the Sunflower Ball and look forward to continuing to support the charity through the remainder of this and next year.

To find out more about Charlie's Angels visit their website here and follow them on twitter @Charliefarley

We now understand a bit more about SUDEP and SUDEP Action .... 
'Epilepsy is one of the top-ten causes of early death.  Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy or SUDEP can often be traumatic for families and distressing for professionals, all of whom have questions.  
SUDEP Action, focus their efforts on the priorities that are important to bereaved families: To prevent deaths, to be supported and to be involved.

SUDEP Action has won national and international honours for their achievements to date, but recognise there is much more work to do. There are five key strands to their work:
•    Providing information on SUDEP and risk in epilepsy
•    Offering support when someone has died
•    Involving people to help effect change
•    Sponsoring research and education to prevent future deaths
•    Capturing data across the UK through the Epilepsy Deaths Register"

We look forward to supporting SUDEP Action through our support of Charlie's Angels and hope you'll be ordering lots of Communitea Cause Chai Latte and Charlton Sodas!

Beatons Central

Dorset's Only Children's Hospice is Beatons Blandford's Communitea Cause

Julia's House is Beatons Blandford's 'Communitea Cause' for 2015/2016 We're sure our Blandford Forum customers will be delighted to join us in supporting its sensitive work both in the community and at Julia's House in Corfe Mullen itself.

You can read how we'll be supporting them here - it's a new initiative for us which will apply across the Beatons group, supporting one special local charity each year, throughout the year.

What do Julia's House Do? 'Julia’s House is Dorset’s only hospice dedicated to children with life-limiting conditions. The majority of the children we care for are unlikely to live beyond the age of 18.
Complementing the work of the Julia’s House Community Team, which consists of nurses and carers who travel the county, the children’s hospice provides life-changing support for families both in their own homes and in the hospice itself. 
Receiving just 6 per cent of the money we need from the Government, Julia’s House relies on the Dorset community to help raise the remainder of our required income.'
To read more about what they do or get involved, click here. And don't forget to follow them on twitter: @Julias_House and visit one of their many charity shops - there's one in Blandford and they have over £4 million pounds to raise each year

Help us to raise a meaningful contribution to a heart-warming cause.

Beatons Central

Friday, 6 November 2015

Tea of the Month: Lapsang Souchong

Perfect for this time of year, it is said that lapsang souchong tea helps strengthen your immunity, protecting you from viruses that lead to colds, the flu or other diseases. 

Lapsang Souchong is a black fully fermented tea from China and, going by Liz Darcy Jones's description in 'Distinguished Leaves' (last few signed copies of the first edition available at all our units now)...
'Lapsang stirs at four, he lights his smoky
cigarette that tastes of all things slow and smells
of damp dark woods where pandas go...'

Lapsang is also said to burn fats faster and, therefore, helps you lose weight...ready to indulge in all the Christmassy treats we love!

Make time to come in and try this beautifully smoky tea, we're confident that you will add it to your favorites!

And remember you can enjoy this tea during the month of November at a lower price!

Beatons Bod: Charlotte, our hibernating Hedgehog in Tisbury!

Who are you and - if you're part of the team - what do you like/do you think you'll like best about your job?

I am Charlotte and I'm probably the strangest of the bunch here at Beatons! [You may well be surprised as you get to know us all better here, Charlotte! Ed.]

I love talking to people and that's what I love about working in the Tearooms in Tisbury, and the cakes, obviously!

What's your favourite edible or drinkable from our menu?
I adore the lemon and white chocolate cake, it happens to be the only chocolate I can eat, but it would be a favourite anyway!

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
Being fairly new to the Beatons team, I have not had too much time to browse our selection of books yet, but one that jumped out to me was the Japanese coloring book, it really appeals to my inner creativity and love of cultural art.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why? I really love the fact that all of our delicious menu choices are homemade and the ingredients are bought in locally.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I think that I would like to be a hedgehog, so that I could hibernate while it is cold and just come out to enjoy the sunshine! [Sounds ideal, but we need you working hard through these busy winter months, no sleeping on the job please! Ed.]

What do you like most about the most important person (or pet) in your life?
I appreciate all of my best friends, sadly I hardy get to talk to them or see them because they live so far away. But whenever we can get together, it's like we have never been apart!

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?

In November we're adding a new cold drink to the menu, (it's very refreshing, I love it!) and we''ll be donating to our selected charity every time it is purchased along with one of our delicious hot drinks that we offer on the menu already.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Beatons Bod: Sam Dobson, our dependable kitchen Mouse!

Who are you and - if you're part of the team - what do you like/do you think you'll like best about your job?

My name is Sam and I am a cook at Blandford Beatons. I like presenting food to a good standard for our customers and I love how the tearooms always puts good quality service first.

What's your favourite edible or drinkable from our menu?

I really like the 'Alex' Soda, and it's fun to make! I am not supposed to have it very often though as I am trying to cut out sugar, but I can't resist! I also love the toasted tea cake, simple and tasty, like all the best things.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?

I don't really get a chance to look at the books, it's always busy in the kitchen! I have seen some really lovely looking cookery books, so it would have to be one of those! 

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
I like the generous value that we offer our customers, I mean the slices of cake we serve are huge!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I didn't really know but fortunately someone did one of those online analysis quiz's on me and I came out a mouse! Apparently they are perceptive, independent and sensitive creatures and I'd love to be thought of as having those qualities. They are survivalists who are good at finding solutions to life’s challenges. Like a mouse in a maze, they use both instinct and logic to move ahead despite obstacles in their path!

[We never usually allow mice in our kitchens, but  think that I could agree with this description of you! Ed.]

What do you like most about the most important person (or pet) in your life?
I can't choose one important person, but I love my boyfriend, my family and my friends, they are all important to me in different ways. Loyalty is definitely the most important trait I value in all of those close to me.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?
I am looking forward to seeing the business grow and hope for more and more people to discover Beatons, and appreciate just what a wonderful tearoom it is.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Tea of the month: Chocolate and Mint Rooibos

Research shows health benefits of rooibos tea include:
bringing relief' and aiding healing for headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and stomach cramps.

This tea is absolutely free from caffeine content and is also low in tannins. 
It also boosts the immune system of the human body, which is perfect for this time of year!

We want our customers to experience tasting all of our fine teas, so make the most of being able to indulge in this surprisingly delicious tea of the month in October at a slightly lower price!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Feeling disobedient? Put Friday November 13th in your diary

the-disobedient-wife cover image
Continuing the success of our series of book talks and launches, here's the next.
'The Disobedient Wife', is Annika Milisic-Stanley's debut novel. She's a local Dorset artist and writer. But you don't have to be a disobedient wife (or husband) to attend!

Come in at 4pm on Friday, 13th November and enjoy one of our delicious drinks and maybe a sneaky piece of one of our homemade cakes!

At 4.30pm you can relax and enjoy discovering more about this beautifully written book and the woman behind it. 

Tickets now on sale - £6.99 -  direct from Beatons Tearooms in Blandford. Get yours soon to avoid disappointment! [The last two events have been sell-outs].

Needless to say, you'll be able to buy signed (and dedicated) copies of Annika's novel - a great start to your Christmas shopping!

We look forward to seeing you there...

P.S. If you want to read a bit more about Annika you can find a link to her facebook page here.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Do you remember how to use one of these?

Do you work in an office
And love Beatons' lunch
But don't have the time
To wait before you munch?

Well, pick up the phone
Pre-order and you'll find
Your lunch awaits - 
Now that's peace of mind!

It's easy! Just phone Blandford on 01258 269515 or Tisbury on 01747 871819, tell us what you want and when you're going to arrive.

You can pre-order any time up to half an hour before you want lunch delivered to your table... One request - please don't be late!

Make it a habit and put our number on your phone, and set a lunchtime order reminder so you know you've got lunch sorted...

P.S. And the magpie's just reminded me to tell you he's spied our offer of double stamps on your loyaltea card throughout October! [By the way, the magpie on the phone can be found at National Trust Attingham].

Posted by Liz

A Grand Monsieur, Two Cream Teas and Two Stamps!

A funny trio? Perhaps but they seem to add up to what we're all about - and what you reward us with - 'loyaltea'! Time to hand out some extra rewards - double stamps and our Cream Tea lucky loyaltea draw (scroll to end to see details) during October! 

We take the #generousvalue side of our business very seriously. And it's a tough call to remain affordable but also provide gracious hospitality and a restorative experience at the same time.

We've waited two years, but you'll see from the menu a couple of items are going up. We're sorry we can't absorb these costs. If you'd like to know where we invest our time and money come and visit and talk to Ben or myself, or any of the team about their training and what we use in terms of produce - the finest coffees, chocolate and loose leaf teas, and local ingredients.

However, there IS a silver lining...  we've noticed from feedback that you'd really like to see a Cream Tea option on the menu and we've added it. Can't think why we haven't offered this formally before... and we're keen to this as affordable as possible - so you can keep it as a regular treat!

Our Cream Tea includes two generously sized scones, jam and cream with a pot of tea of your choice for a highly competitive £6.25

Why not take an afternoon stroll and pop in to replenish your energy, while the sun's still shining?

Oh yes - and for the Monsieur  or possible very hungry Madame in your life who needs to keep his or her energy up, try our Grand Monsieur for Brunch!

P.S. Just to sweeten things a tiny bit further we're giving double stamps on our loyalty cards right up until the end of October and for two lucky customers at Tisbury and Blandford who hand in fully stamped up cards there's the chance to will Cream Tea for Two! Winners announced beginning of November.

Posted by Patrick Duffy

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New Term! What New Projects to Drink To?

Afternoon High Tea ~ with free glass of Prosecco
£14 per person, £25 for two
There's still time to enjoy a free glass of sparkle at either Blandford or Tisbury when you BOOK and take afternoon high tea during September.

This is the perfect time to toast new projects or progress made so far this year... September often represents the finishing off of something and the start of something new. Children going off to school for the first - or perhaps the last - time!

A few more windows you didn't have in the summer open up...

Or perhaps your new project is looking after the grandchildren?!

Whichever, we're celebrating September with our new food menu - future post to follow on the new addition for hungry men (or ladies if they wish!) - which also includes:

Cream Tea for two at only £6.25!

Can't think why we haven't had a Cream Tea on the menu before now! Of course, we'd love you to enjoy a leisurely full blown afternoon high tea as an indulgent treat. However,by adding a Cream Tea option to the menu we're guessing it gives you permission to have Cream Tea any day of the week for no reason at all...

To book Afternoon High Tea call:  Blandford 01258 269515   Tisbury  01747 871 819

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why Use Rhythm & Rhyme?

David Bamber reading his
winning poem Blandford  launch 2014
Well, you can see how effective it is if you think back to all the advertisements you really love!  Our #rhymesnocrime week just increased our followers three times more than a usual week, with more retweets too!  We also think - from the number of tweets that were favourited that they added some sparkle.


'A Mars a day helps you work rest and play...'
And how about Classic FM's use of it?

The psychology is really simple - we associate  rhyme with being children and that means PLAY.  We like play... it adds sparkle.

Beatons uses rhyme, rhythm and poetry - what I call #poetea if it's about tea - to create #sparkle, one of our core distinctive 'Beatons' ways'.  Pop in and pick up a free poem postcard and share it with your mum, your children or just read it out loud and see if it doesn't bring a smile to faces. You can't find that on facebook!

Our #rhymesnocrime week meant anyone popping in to Beatons Blandford or Tisbury got three extra stamps on their loyaltea card for reciting some rhyming verse. The offer ended Sunday 13th September - we know not many people were brave but well done to those who dared, or even just recalled some verse when they read our tweets!

Want some ready-made verse - check out tweets from @BeatonsDorset, @beatonstearooms and @beingtribeless

Go on... you'll be surprised what a sparkling and restorative experience it can be! 

Posted by Liz

Tea of the Month: Lemongrass and Mint

Lemongrass tea is good for your weight
It's healing and research is showing it's great
For curing cancer - hip hip hooray!
What's more it's rich in Vitamin A...
And to give it a kick
It's blended with mint
Which gives a pale green to its lemony tint...

© Liz Darcy Jones

Pop in and try some this week...

Posted by Liz

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beatons Bod: Jodie - Curious and Creative Meerkat!

Who are you and - if you're part of the team - do you like/do you think you'll like best about your job?
I am a passionate documentary photographer and my role as 'house photographer' at Beatons is a fantastic opportunity to explore the elegant world of black & white photography.

What's your favourite edible or drinkable from our menu?
Oh my! That’s a hard one. I had the pleasure of shooting the campaigns for Beatons and sampled the stunning menu. The carrot cake gets me every time. Exquisite.

And how about your favourite book from our shelves?
I was actually blow away by the diversity of the books at Beatons. There is a selection of fantastic arts and lifestyle publications, but also Beatons welcome independent writers and local talent.  It’s a very relaxing place to take in literature and beautiful image books. A favourite is Cecil Beaton’s Portraits and Profiles.

Which of the ways we like to go about things at Beatons means most to you and why?
Beatons celebrate the importance of gracious hospitality and ensure that the customers really feel special. It's that caring and generous approach that makes dining at Beaton’s such an amazing experience.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I would probably be a Meerkat. I am an incredibly curious individual!

What do you like most about the most important person (or pet) in your life?
My children are amazing people. They are big thinkers and I have encouraged them to explore the world around them. I often travel abroad with my daughter to shoot. This year we shot the Bronx in NYC. It was incredible.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to in terms of Beatons' events or future plans?
I’m really looking forward to celebrating the Beatons values through imagery. It's an exciting opportunity to story-tell. I feel honoured.

It's in Black and White - we've Appointed a House Photographer!

It's now in black, white [and pink]! As well as being about to add another franchise to our porfolio, we're promoting members of our local Dorset and Wiltshire teams into management positions. And reinforcing our encouragement of the arts we're creating a new 'residency'.

Dorset photographer Jodie Whyte from Weymouth has been appointed 'House Photographer'! This both honours those taking up the role, and society photographer Cecil Beaton. Beaton, as you probably know, is the inspiration behind our name and elegant interiors.

Patrick Duffy, our Founder and MD, first met Jodie just before the launch of Beatons Blandford [just before I joined the team]. Both he and Liz were impressed by her natural flair and ability to capture 'character, mood and food'. 

During the course of her working with us on our latest promotions campaign, the idea of having a 'Beatons 'House Photographer' was conceived. It's a natural progression for us as a group. As some of you know, we've enjoyed having Liz Darcy Jones as our House Poet for the last year. Although Liz will carry on being commissioned to write a poem for every new Beatons which opens, she'll stand down from this role, making way for one which is probably a more obvious fit given the references to Cecil Beaton in our styling.

Part of the role will be adjudicating an Annual Beatons Black and White Photography Competition. More about that later in the year. Jodie who has a particular love of street photography (something Cecil Beaton is not always remembered for). She's also a film-maker and mentors local young people, encouraging them to connect with community through photography. She commented,
'Wow! It's such an honour. I love the Beatons brand and values. And highlighting its connection to Cecil Beaton, who loved portraiture and conveying the character that lives under the image, by having a House Photographer is brilliant! I'm really delighted. Good thing I love cake, too!'
Congratulations Jodie and we look forward to showcasing and supporting you and your projects.

You can follow Jodie Whyte on twitter on @JodieWhyteMedia

Posted by Zoe

Praise! Beatons Tisbury: A Bumper Summer

"There is nothing like a good cup of tea in a china cup, thank you."

"Please keep the place exactly how it is and the idiosyncratic bookshelf as I always buy a book too!"

"I had the carrot cake, it was the best I had ever tasted!"

"I teach a hospitality course and this is a prime example of excellence."

"Lovely place."

"Will be back"

"Lovely tearoom- great peppermint tea and the very best waitress, so kind, warm and friendly."

"I came in with my wife specially, I came to visit last Sunday and had to bring her this Sunday."

"Carrot cake is good, we are regulars."

"100% favourite coffee shop."

"Great food, great coffee, will be back."

"Perfect teacake."

"A lovely Chai Latte with beautiful, friendly service. Thank you."

"Very welcoming."

"Excellent service."

From our loyal tweeps!

Such amazingly moist carrot cake @beatonstearooms! The best I have tasted!
— sciencetutors (@sciencetutorsuk) August 25, 2015

Praise! Beatons Blandford: A Bumper Summer

"Beatons is my new favourite place to come for tea in town, thank you!"

"Lovely to have an old fashioned service in this day and age of self service. this is a place where you can relax."

Excellent, we have stopped several times and have found it consistently excellent."

"Lovely service and food today! You never disappoint and bring calm to the middle of my busy day. Thank You."

"Just a lovely place to eat, drink and chat."

"A breath of fresh air to find such a lovely tearoom on my doorstep!"
"Fab Place!"

"Its good to have such a refined place in Blandford."

"Perfectly relaxing environment to enjoy a spot of breakfast."

"Good service, thank you."

"Been several times, food and coffee fab!"

"Good value, friendly service."

"Polite, kind, tea is lovely and the shortbread is tasty. Crockery is very pretty."

"Thanks, good to have a booster seat for the children."

"We enjoyed our first visit, and will come back agin. Love the decor and ambience!"

"Marvellously thought out and delivered."

"Clean and helpful on our first visit."

"Restful place for coffe."

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Promoting within the localitea... rewarding our in-house talent

Ben Moxom - now Manager of Beatons
Blandford and Beatons Tisbury
In keeping with Beatons ethos of developing the skills of its in-house team, we've just made some promotions into management to retain and reward the core team as we expand [link to job vacancies here!]

Blandford's Ben Moxom, is now Manager of both Beatons Blandford and Beatons Tisbury so that's why you may not have seen so much of Ben at Blandford over the past few weeks.

Harry McGookin
Now Assistant Manager
Beatons Tisbury
Harry McGookin from Tisbury, has been with the group since the start. He's also an investor in Beatons Blandford, and has been promoted to Asssistant Manager at Beatons Tisbury. He's also a whiz at testing our new recipes and seeing what passes muster and what doesn't!

Liz Darcy Jones, is carving out some time to complete her next volume in the 'Distinguished Leaves' series so steps down as Director of Engagement so we're bringing more of the admin side of the 'marcoms' in-house. However, she's still involved - as our Creative Consultant - and loves being an objective sounding board when it comes to new marketing initiatives. Of course, Liz is also still 'the tweep behind the tweets' on Blandford and Tisbury's twitter accounts: #beatonsblandford and #beatonstisbury.

Both Ben and Harry have also expanded their responsibilities to support the franchising side of the business, ensuring franchisees have access to expert advice from people with practical 'on the ground' experience.

Patrick is delighted to promote from within - and use the pool of talent in Dorset and Wiltshire. He commented to the press: 
'The Beatons' ethos of recognising, appreciating and cultivating individual skills brings benefits to all concerned - maintaining motivation, growing esprit de corps within the group and making financial sense too. We are always keen to hear from people who aspire to carving out a career in what we believe is a great and highly skilled profession - delivering 'gracious hospitality' and a restorative experience over books, tea and cake!' 
We're always keen to hear from anyone thinking of making a career within the service profession and offer outstanding training and self-development opportunities within the Beatons group... [I know - I've had the joy of being on the receiving end!] Here's a link which will take you to our current vacancies

Posted by Zoe

Monday, 17 August 2015

Shhh... there's a Beatons brewing in Berkshire!

Affordable Afternoon High Tea
coming to Berkshire soon!
It's far too soon to give any details away, but a little bird told me that you can begin chirping with our next Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop to be!

Paul Mitchell is the voice behind the tweets.  He'd love to hear from Berkshire tweeps about good Berkshire causes, local groups and great engagers both on the web and those who prefer - as we do really - talking live.

Don't know what a Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop is all about? Well, in a few sentences, we delight in delivering a restorative experience with gracious hospitality which we hope you'll agree represents generous value. This is the reason every Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop exists.  Our franchisees love our ethos and are passionate about sharing it with you!

Attentiveness with a
fine coffee - addictive!
How do we do this?

With sparkle, elegance and attentiveness we hope, in Cecil Beaton inspired tearooms offering a 'tealicious' range of loose-leaf teas, luxury Italian-style hot chocolate, the finest coffees and of course home made cake and light meals.... and table service.

Not forgetting a nourishing and sparkling selection of books to nourish the mind!

We believe integrity comes from transparency so here are two posts about our ethos and how we engage...

... and if you'd like to know when and where we'll be opening in the Autumn keep an eye out on twitter - we're @BeatonsBerks  - and at some point you'll be able to read about us in the 'ho hum not allowed to say yet' local press too!

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Win Free Afternoon Tea for Two at Beatons Offer for Tweeps

Friends Matter! Afternoon Tea at Beatons Blandford
Hello Everyone, and in particular those who engage with us on Twitter where you'll find us chatting as #beatonstisbury #beatonsblandford and #beatonschester.

Follow any Beatons and retweet any #generousvalue tweet to be in with a chance of winning Free Afternoon Tea for Two. Offer applies to each Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop, and your chance runs out at mid-night on Sunday 9th August. Good luck and see you soon!

This is what it's all about... sharing friendship, scrummy cake in elegant surroundings while enjoying gracious hospitality that's also #generousvalue!

Oh yes, and book Afternoon Tea during Afternoon Tea Week (10th - 16th August) and you and your friends will each receive a FREE signed copy of 'Distinguished Leaves: Poems for Tea Lovers' to take home with you!  [more]

Monday, 27 July 2015

Celebrate our #generousvalue Afternoon Tea Week and feel Distinguished!

We love Afternoon Tea Week (10th - 16th August) - a chance to feel elegant and gracious while feasting on three tiers of scrummy cakes and scones! This year, everyone taking Afternoon High Tea at any Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop during Afternoon Tea Week will receive a FREE First Edition signed copy of  Liz Darcy Jones's best-seller, 'Distinguished Leaves' (worth £7.99).

This sweet little hardback tells you all about tea in the most delightful way and includes a charming foreword by Nigel Havers. We thought it would add a splash of #generousvalue to your Afternoon Tea. It would make a lovely way to say thank you to a family member or friend, prompt you to have a long overdue 'girls together' tea-party and have a keepsake to take home too!

Reserve your table to be sure of a place:

Blandford   01258 269515

Chester       01244 950761

Tisbury       01747 871 819

P.S. Win Afternoon Tea for Two! If you're on Twitter, follow us at @beatonschester @beatonsblandford or @beatonstearooms for Tisbury and retweet our #generousvalue tweet to be in with a chance of winning Free Afternoon Tea for Two. Offer applies to each Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop, and your chance runs out at mid-night on Sunday 9th August. Good luck and see you soon!